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Classes Unique to TDChristian

  • Environmental Block. E-Block is a grade 10, two credit class that focuses on care for the earth, learning about government, citizen responsibility and action, and more. Students get their hands dirty exploring environmental issues, running the school's recycling program, working the community garden, cleaning up creeks, and more. Nearly half of the grade 10 class signs up for this popular block.

  • Internship Block. This block connects in-school learning with real world experience. For a full semester, students spend two days a week in an adult mentor's workplace in a career area of their choosing and the other three days at school with two teacher advisors and their fellow Internship Block students. The structure of the program allows students to take greater control over their own learning and gain meaningful experience exploring a career or service area they are considering for the future.

Internship Block
  • English and Perspectives Block. All grade 11 students experience this block. It investigates life's biggest questions through literature, creative writing, class discussions, and projects. It includes a service trip to downtown Toronto.

  • Physics Block. This block gives students opportunities to apply phyics to design. Hydraulics and robotics are two of the topics explored in this block. It includes a Focus Day where the class learns about fluid dynamics by going scuba diving.

  • International Block. Students in this block earn credits while spending eight weeks learning and serving in a developing country. Students return with new perspectives on loving one's neighbour, the effects of poverty, and the experiencing another culture. Trips in the past have included Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

  • The Pulse. The Pulse is our school's television show, produced about every three weeks for the students, about the students, and by the students. In fact, it is produced by the Grade 9 Communications Technology class. The Pulse is a highly anticipated item at our assemblies and covers school life and happenings around our school. You can watch many previous episodes of The Pulse on our video page.

  • Show Period. Students from grades 10, 11, and 12 come together in a class to produce, rehearse, and perform our full scale main stage drama production.  Every two years, Show Period ups the ante by performing a musical. In the past few years, performances have included 2000 CandlesA Christmas Carol, The Sound of Music, Cinderella, Anne of Green Gables and As You Like It.

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