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Project 20/20 Two-Five Updates

Every few months at the beginning of the Project 20/20 campaign, our principal sent out a Two-Five email update on the latest developments. Each message takes TWO minutes to read and FIVE minutes to think about, pray for, and to contribute ideas or funds to the project. If you would like to receive future updates, please fill out this form. Here are the updates so far:

Two-Five Update #11 (June 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


As we move into the summer months, we thought we would give you a quick update as things continue to progress.


Zoning and Site Plan Approval: We are progressing well through the steps at Vaughan City Hall.


Building: The plans are coming along very well! See our latest presentation images right here. The Building Committee meets again on August 22.


Campaign: The total amount raised is now over $700,000. If you have not yet given, we urge you to do so. For all information, click the blue "What is Project 20/20?" link on the page, or just click here. For those of you who have given, thank you! The Campaign Committee meets again on August 8.


Fire Hall: It is now known as 325 Woodbridge Ave. as the fire fighters have moved and we have officially taken possession. Our current plan is NOT to take it down. Instead we are working at a way to use it effectively by partnering with another organization.


Getting the word out: Please pass this on to others who may be interested. Let us know if you have ideas.



PHOTO:Teachers Ben Freeman and Sean Van Eerden

 "get framed" for Project 2020. 

Two-Five Update #10 (Late May 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


An Open Letter to the TDChristian

Community about Project 20/20!

Thank you to the many who have prayed and are praying specifically for

Project 20/20.


God has richly blessed students through the work of TDChristian High

School in the past, continues to do so in the present, and has promised to

do so in the future.

Thank you to those who have made donations and pledges to Project 20/20. After Pledge Day, we have $651,652.

Since the early 1960s, every building expansion at TDChristian High School has been completed thanks to people, like you, in our larger community. People have always stepped up and given sacrificially for the betterment of Christian education. "Unless the Lord builds the house,the builders labor in vain." Psalm 127:1a.

At the Christian Schools Canada Conference, last October, Christian school leaders were challenged to extend the vision for the schools they serve.


We, like those who built the school in the 1960s, are part of something that will thrive, with God's blessings, for at least 50 more.


We are asking you to Catch THAT Vision for Project 20/20 because we need your gifts to build it. Help us reach our goal of $4.4 million ($3.9 plus $0.5 million for a basement).

The explanation letter and pledge form can be found here.


On behalf of the Board and Campaign Committee,


William Groot, Principal             Peter Elgersma, Campaign Committee Chair              Teresa Veenstra, Board Chair

P.S. Below, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Project 20/20. If you have other ones or would like to meet, contact one of us.

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is it called Project 20/20?

A: It is about continuing the CLEAR 20/20 VISION of Christian education that allowed TDChristian to be established in 1963. The 20/20 does not refer to the year we plan to build.


Q: Why build?

A: As Christians in an ever-changing world, we don't stand still. When the board and leadership in 2004 realized that the fire hall might be sold to a developer for condominiums, we began to work with the City of Vaughan to purchase the property, which we finally did in 2012. Part of the agreement was to build a theatre/presentation space.



Q: Why build on to the current school?

A: After extensive research, thought, discussions, and prayers, we determined that it was wiser to build onto the current building instead of retrofitting the fire hall. Primarily, our students and teachers will be able to use exciting new learning spaces without going across a parking lot.


Q: When do we hope to start?

A: We can begin in Spring 2018, if we have sufficient funding in place (60% minimum) and the permits are in place. We hope to start no later than Spring 2019.


Q: Why add a basement?

A: The school's footprint is limited. Adding a basement as the facilities hub of the school allows for better maintenance of the enlarged building and frees up currently used facilities' spaces throughout the school for educational purposes.


Q: What's happening with the Fire Hall?

A: The Board has a committee to determine the best use for the fire hall. It seems unwise to just take it down when it is in reasonable shape and could be used to create a revenue stream to support the running of the school. The aim is to partner with another organization to benefit it and the school.









                                                                                                             PHOTO: Drama teacher Richard Peters "gets framed" along with

                                                                                                                            parent and board member Ken Gray.







Two-Five Update #9 (May 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


Great News from TDChristian TWO

DAYS before Pledge Day!

We had three films (of 17) in the Student Block (open for entries from all

high schools in Ontario) at the Vaughan International Film Festival.


One of them, "The Other Side" (watch it below, 2 min. 47 sec.) inspired

by this year's theme of empathy ("Make sure that nobody pays back wrong

for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for

everyone else." 1 Thess. 5:15) won the Overall Best Student Film. The

TDChristian student film, "Memories" (which also won top prize in Madd

Canada's Video Contest for 2016) won the same award in 2016.


Among other uses, Project 20/20's planned Presentation Centre will be a great place for students to share work such as these films with each other and our school community, as well as the City of Vaughan.


















Campaign: We are building something that we anticipate will be impactful until at least 2050! We need your support in prayer and giving. We ask you to send in your gift or pledge by Thursday, May 18.
Here are ways you can participate in Project 20/20:
•    Donate your tax return to the project.
•    Be creative! How about giving an annual gift of $2,020? Or, $20 a month for the next 20 months?
•    Gather your family together and discuss a joint family gift.
•    For graduated families, consider giving a year of tuition.
•    Use your appreciated securities as a tax-advantaged gift.
•    Donate now on the TDChristian website ( using your credit card.

Building: We have an important Zoning Meeting with the City of Vaughan on Friday. Please pray for clarity of mind and purpose as we take this important step.

Communication: Communication: Please continue to share with others what's happening at TDChristian High School as we enfold, engage and empower students to learn for service in the light of God's word!

On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #8 (May 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


Pledge Day is Thursday, May 18!!


Campaign: In addition to this update, the pledge letter and donation

sheets have been sent out to 1,206 supporters or past supporters.

(You can read them at Please prayerfully

consider what you can give to this important initiative; one that will

enhance TDChristian students' learning for years to come. We are

building something that we anticipate will be impactful until at least


Building: Nine of 14 areas in our Site Plan Approval submission are either dealt with or pose no obstacles. Please pray that the five that remain - landscape, engineering, zoning, planning, and heritage - will also go smoothly. We have an important zoning meeting later in May.

In addition, the leadership, board, and building committee have determined that given the size of our property and its restrictions, it is wisest to add a basement to the current project. To be most cost-effective, this addition of approx. 2000 square feet will act as the facilities area for the school. We anticipate that this may add an additional $500,000 to the cost of Project 20/20, pushing us over $4 million. As costing estimates are completed, we will let you know more.


Communication: Please continue to share the short video highlighted in the previous 2-5 Update. It emphasizes our need to work together in raising the funds for Project 20/20.



















P.S. To be reminded of the essence of Project 20/20 watch the video below: 

On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #7 (April 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


Project 20/20 Campaign

Kicks Off!

Campaign:  We officially kicked off the campaign this past Tuesday

night at our Spring Membership Meeting. We auctioned two of Matt

VanderHelm's cakes (Pictured: Matt,Grad of '06, who was recently on

MasterChef Canada, with drama teacher Richard Peters) for $1700. We

are now past the $600,000 mark. A great majority of Board, Staff, Building Committee, and Campaign Committee members have made their pledges. We are now asking everyone else in the community to think, pray, and then contribute to Project 20/20 on or before PLEDGE DAY which is Thursday, May 18. The pledge letter and donation sheets have been sent out to 1,206 supporters or past supporters. (These can be found on our website as well at
Building: Our application for Site Plan Approval was submitted in mid-March and is complete, as well as our request to rezone the fire hall property. We are working with our architect, Milena Belomorska, refining our architectural drawings. The current plans were unveiled at our Spring Membership Meeting and are currently on display at the school.


Communication: Watch and share the latest video (it's very short!) highlighting Project 20/20 here. We really can't do it without you! 



















To conclude, we hope to see you at one or more of the following events: Thursday, May 4, 2017 (starting at 8:45 a.m.) which is our annual Grandparents' Day, or Thursday, May 11, 2017 (from 6 to 8 p.m.), the day we launch NOTICE 2017 (our sixth annual publication of the people of TDChristian making and doing) and hold our Spring Open House.

On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

2-5 Subscribe Anchor
Two-Five Update #6 (March 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:  More News on Project 20/20!

Building: After further consultation with the city planner assigned to us, we have combined our rezoning request, which allows for educational use of the soon-to-be former fire hall, with our application for Site Plan Approval. These documents will be submitted next week.

Plans for the expansion are continuing to go through further iterations and improvements as we look at ways to optimize our spaces for today's learners as well as those well into the future! Please pray for wisdom--that we use our resources well as we work out the details of our new spaces.

Campaign: The committee, under the leadership of parent volunteer Peter Elgersma, has met twice since the last 2-5 Message. Its work has included approaching foundations for funding and planning the campaign that will reach out to supporters starting in April. Two key dates are Tuesday, April 25, which is the Campaign Kickoff & Spring Membership Meeting at 7:30 p.m., and Thursday, May 18, which is Project 20/20 Pledge Day (you will learn more about Pledge Day next month). At present, just under 
$575,000 has been raised or pledged. The committee asks for your prayers and consideration as it prepares to reach out to you and others for financial support.
Communication: The @td Newsletter "Passion, Wonder, & Awe" edition, which celebrates alumni, projects, learning, and staff members, was distributed in February. See how God is using his children to serve others while learning in the light of his word. The double issue is now displayed in TDChristian's front foyer. You can also view it online at

To conclude, we hope to see you at one or more of the following events: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 (starting at 7:30 p.m.) when we will share more about Project 20/20 and celebrate retiring teacher Alice Vanderkooy's 40 years of teaching, Thursday, May 4, 2017 (starting at 8:45 a.m.) which is our annual Grandparents' Day, or Thursday, May 11, 2017 (from 6 to 8 p.m.), the day we launch NOTICE 2017 (our sixth annual publication of the people of TDChristian making and doing).

On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #5 (February 2017)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


Thank you for your support and prayers! Here is a quick update:

Building: Milena Belomorska, our lead architect and co-president of OCA Architects, Rod Dengerink, Facilities Manager, and William Groot, Principal have met twice with planners at the City of Vaughan. Our Application for Site Plan Approval will be submitted in February, hopefully, within the next two weeks. The Building Committee continues to provide input into efficient and effective ways to enhance the design.    

Campaign: The committee, under the leadership of parent volunteer, Peter Elgersma, has met and continues to make plans for connecting with potential donors, from past parents to current students, in order to reach the goal of $3.9 million. Applications are being prepared to approach foundations, too. Board, building committee, campaign committee members as well as staff have been approached to consider donating.

Over $525,000 has been raised or pledged to date. The committee asks for your prayers as it prepares all facets of the campaign.
  Report Card 2016 (our annual update for the school) was sent out in December and is available by clicking the Publications tab on our website and choosing Report Card. Our special @td Double Issue that celebrates student projects and alumni, as well as providing staff profiles will be available this week. It will be sent out, available in some of the supporting churches and schools; it can be viewed online too when it is posted later this month.
Finally, we invite you to the Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Membership Meeting where we will share more about Project 20/20, share student work, and celebrate teacher Alice Vanderkooy's 40 years of teaching, the past 30 at TDChristian High School.

On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #4 (November 2016)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:


At Tuesday’s Fall Membership Meeting, 97% of voters approved the motion, “To support the direction of the board with respect to fundraising and facility improvements” as presented at the meeting.

Plans for Project 20/20 now have full membership approval. Our Building Committee (Art VanHalteren, Steve Heidman, Phil VanAndel, Rod Dengerink, and William Groot) will work closely with Milena Belomorska, our lead architect and co-president of OCA Architects, and our builder, Maple Reinders, in order to build a functional, flexible and beautiful addition at the front of the school.

The Campaign Committee, under the direction of Peter Elgersma, will also proceed now in its work of raising the anticipated cost of $3.9 million. There is lots of work to do but together with God’s guidance and under his care, Project 20/20 should be completed before 2020.

Finally, as part of the membership meeting, we watched a short Project 20/20 Walkthrough video. We invite you to see (and to share with others) the highlights of what Project 20/20 will bring to your school!


On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #3 (September 2016)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:



  • Costing estimate is complete.

  • Architect has been chosen.

  • Please pray for the Building Committee's meeting with potential builders on Tuesday, September 13 at 8 a.m.



  • The Campaign Committee plans to meet during the last week of September. Please pray for a good meeting.




Let's continue working together on this journey of faith and prayer!


On behalf of the school,

William Groot, Principal

Two-Five Update #2 (Summer 2016)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:

Here is this month's update:

Communications: We NEED you!
In the 1960s, when the school began it took a committed and enthusiastic community to build the school. By God's grace and under his care we continue building TDChristian. Send this email to one person who you believe should become aware of Project 20/20 or send an email with his or her email address to We will send them our monthly Two-Five Message!

Building: Costing almost Complete!
The building committee consisting of community members Art VanHalteren, Steve Heidman, board member Phil VanAndel, Facilities Manager Rod Dengerink and Principal William Groot have met twice since the last message. Project 20/20 is being costed. Once that is done, the committee will determine the best approach for building.


Funding: Thanksgiving!
Over $400,000 has been raised and two willing and able workers have been added to the Campaign Team. The team should have its initial meeting in September.

Let's work together on this journey of faith and prayer!


On behalf of the school,

William Groot

Two-Five Update #1 (June 2016)

Hello Friends, Supporters, Members, Staff, and Students:

This is our first "Two-Five" message to keep you abreast of what's happening for Project 20/20.

The "two" stands for two minutes. A Two-Five message will take fewer than two minutes to read. The "five" stands for five minutes. We are asking you to take five minutes to think about, pray for, or contribute an idea, encouragement, or concern about Project 20/20. Ideas, concerns and encouragements can be sent to


Here is this month's update:

COMMUNICATIONS: A package is being constructed to inform potential donors (like you) about the history of building expansions at TDChristian, the current focus and state of the school, and the building opportunity that lies before us. Please pray for those putting the information together - that it will prove helpful and insightful.


​BUILDING: This week, two community members, a board member, Rod Dengerink (Facilities Manager) and William Groot (Principal) will examine architect proposals for the expansion. Please pray for wisdom and clarity in decision-making.​


FUNDING: Work to identify how to approach different groups to get their support has been completed. A team to organize the Campaign to raise the funds for Project 20/20 is being formed. Pray for willing and able workers for this task.


We are embarking, as a community, on a journey of faith and prayer!

On behalf of the school,

William Groot

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