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Thomas Kooy


OCT, GDip. Ed., B.A.

Thomas Kooy 2021.jpg

SUBJECTS: Phys. Ed., Biology, Internship Block Math, Geography

Did you attend TDChristian as a student?  Yes. Class of 2007.

Where did you grow up? Newmarket, Ontario.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Watch the Seattle Seahawks, unarguably the best team in the NFL. Reading is also a lot of fun.

Where is one place you've travelled to that you'd like to revisit? I'd love to go back to Australia and spend more time surfing, otherwise going to California for the same reason is a pretty awesome option as well!

What's a favourite book/TV show/movie? Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books and movies, but the books are far superior.

What famous person, living or dead, would you like to have dinner with?  Bobby Flay because I'm fairly confident he'd take me somewhere with fantastic food and I probably wouldn't have to pay.

Favourite or meaningful Bible passage? Psalm 118:24  "This is the very day of the Lord that brings gladness and joy, filling our hearts with glee."

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