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If you're going to expect great work out of students, you have to provide them with the right tools. Technology and computers are an integral part of education here. Students are taught computer skills and are required to use them for many class activities and assignments. Appropriate and responsible use of technology is not only taught explicitly but modelled by staff.

A few of our tech highlights:

  • Two on site technologists

  • 300+ computers, including 90 in the main hallways

  • Fast and reliable WiFi network for student-owned devices

  • Fully equipped classrooms with A/V systems, projectors, & interactive white boards.

  • Industry standard software such as the full Adobe Suite for design and layout,

       Microsoft Office software for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations,

       and Final Cut Pro X for video editing

  • Over 30 DSLRs and 20 video cameras for photography and video courses

  • Tricaster Video Switcher and television control room

  • A drone for aerial photography and video

  • A CNR Router in our wood shop

  • A 3D printer in Engineering Block

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