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Student Admissions Info

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are now being accepted. Please fill out our  new online Admissions Application. The early registration date (which includes a reduced registration fee) is February 15. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Family & Student Handbook contains detailed information on the school's Design Principles, on parental involvement, course and schedule information, and various policies.

If you have questions about our online admissions application, the admissions process, or simply want more information about TDChristian, please email Joel Dykxhoorn, VP of Admissions at, or call 905-851-1772, ext. 202. You will receive a response within two business days.

Yes, we enrol students in September, November, January, March, and at other times of

the year!

A. Eligibility

1. Enrolment in Toronto District Christian High School is open to children of Christian parents and/or guardians, subject to procedures and conditions specified herein.

2. All other applications of enrolment shall be subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

B. Procedures of Enrolment

1. Parents or guardians will fill out the online application. An administration fee ($200 on or before February 15, $350 after February 15) is payable by all TDChristian families. Payment is made through the online application.

2. An interview with the Admissions Council* (usually held in February and March) will be arranged through the online application for all families enrolling a child for the first time. Except in cases of single-parent or single-guardian families, both parents or guardians and the child(ren) seeking enrolment should be present at any interview. Siblings in Grade 6 or 7 are encouraged to attend as well.

*Admissions Council consists of two staff including either the Principal or the Vice-Principal of Admissions or both.

3. All families should bring along deposit cheques to the interview.

  • For applications submitted before April 1, please bring two non-refundable deposit cheques of $500 each, one dated April 1 and the second one dated June 1.

  • For applications submitted after April 1 but before June 1, please bring two non-refundable deposit cheques of $500 each. The first cheque shall be dated the date of the interview and the second cheque shall be dated June 1.

  • For applications submitted after June 1, please bring along a single cheque in the amount of $1000, to be dated the date of the interview.


These cheques are cashable and non-refundable upon initial admission approval by TDChristian High School. 


4. Families applying to enrol a child shall receive written notification of the child’s admission status once the online application has been completed. Whether or not written notification is received by the family, the cashing of the deposit cheque by TDChristian High School represents conditional acceptance of the application.

C. Conditions of Enrolment

1. Enrolment for all students is subject to the determination and acceptance of their course placement as directed by the Principal.

2. All parents/guardians agree to have their children participate in and attend all compulsory courses and devotional activities (as outlined by the Board of Trustees).

3. All parents/guardians and students must sign and submit the statements of support and commitment found in the online application.

4. Where an interview is requested by TDChristian High School, both parents/guardians and the student for whom enrolment is sought are expected to attend.

5. Enrolment is conditional upon the successful completion of the student’s current program of studies as well as behaviour that is in agreement with the signed statement of commitment. TDChristian High School has the right to obtain references and maintain conditional acceptance throughout a student’s period of enrolment.

6. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse admission or re-enrolment of a student without giving cause.

7. Admission to TDChristian High School does not mean a spot on the transportation system is guaranteed. Students will be given a seat on the bus as per the priority list. The tuition rate is not affected by whether or not a seat is available.

D. Priority of Enrolment

Students are considered for enrolment in the following order of priority:

1. Children of parents who currently have children in TDChristian High School and sign up before February 15.

2. Children currently enrolled in approved Christian independent schools who sign up before February 15, ranked by number of years in Christian school. Families with a previous association with a Christian school would be ranked as per number of years involved.


3. Christian homeschoolers, as per date of application.

4. Other Christian families/students, as per date of application.

5. Visa students from Christian families, as per date of application.

6. Applications where there is no clear Christian commitment. These students are admitted only by a decision of the Board of Trustees.

7. Applications received after February 15, as per date of application.

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