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7 Reasons To Follow @tdchristianhighschool on Instagram

People interact with our school in many different ways. Maybe you're reading this as a current student or parent. Maybe you're someone considering TDChristian as your future high school. Or maybe you're alumni. No matter who you are, here are 7 reasons why we think you should be following our school on Instagram.

It's fresh. Our Instagram feed is continuously updated about every other day with a new photo or video on something happening in or around the school. Our principal, William Groot, simply walks around with his phone, looking for interesting and meaningful content to share.

It's varied. No matter the day, there's always something interesting happening in some corner of our school, such as a classroom, the wood shop, a lab, a studio, a sports field. It's what makes TDChristian such an exciting place to visit or attend.

It's quick. We know you're busy, so it gives you a sneak peek into what we're about. If you ever want to dig deeper about something you see on our Instagram, we'd love for you to contact us and we'll tell you more about it. We value your feedback and involvement!

It's about learning. Glancing through our feed, you'll get a sense of what students are learning nowadays, in all kinds of subjects and disciplines and grade levels. Even those crucial learning opportunities, like learning to collaborate well with others and to live in community.

It's about our mission and vision. Our school strives to be very deliberate about our students learning for service in the light of God's word at every opportunity. Through our pics and videos, we hope you see how we do this by enfolding our students, engaging them in purposeful learning, and empowering them with opportunities.

It's about our students. We love the challenge and joys of working alongside teenagers. Our students have a wide range of gifts, experiences, and personalities; we hope you see them celebrated through our posts! We are so proud of our students who surprise us with their academic, athletic, musical, creative and technical skills and more! What a privilege to hear their stories and help them on their spiritual journeys!

It's shareable! Don't keep good news to yourself! We humbly ask for your help in telling more people about this special place so we can continue to operate a high school that boldly loves God and lifts each student up. Your sharing our story is the number one way new people find out about our school.

So there are your 7 reasons. But why are you still here? Didn't you see what was just posted at


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