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Alumna, Alumnus, Alumni. Do you know the difference?

They're out there. Walking among you. Maybe even the person sitting across the table from you right now!

We're talking about the more than 4000 former students who've left TDChristian since 1963.

Maybe it's been a while since you've visited our school or had any contact with us. Maybe you've always wondered what happened to old so-and-so. Maybe you recently graduated, and you don't even feel yet like you're alumni.

Whatever the situation, we'd love to reconnect with you, because you are an important part of our story.

If you have 37-64 seconds to spare (yes, we timed it), please go this link and fill out our alumni contact form.

If you are in contact with other alumni, feel free to send them to tdchristian.ca/alumni where they'll find the contact form link and discover more info about alumni events and stories.

So, have you figured out the title yet? A former female student is an alumna. A former male student is an alumnus. The plural form of alumna and alumnus is alumni.

See, even years later, we're still teaching you something!

PIC: One of the teams in the recent 2016 Alumni VB Tournament.


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