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Big Crowds at Open House

Last night we had over 120 guests join us for our Fall Open House. It was a fantastic evening, but sorry, we're not going to tell you everything that happened or why it was such a fun night. Instead, we invite you to come to our next open house night on Thursday, January 19, starting at 7 pm. If you know of a family who should be there, please go ahead and invite them for us!

In the meantime, here's a story written by our Principal, William Groot, taken from the latest Fridge Door newsletter. We think it tells you a little bit more on what we're all about:

Today is my father’s 82nd birthday. I share that with you because my dad has made a positive difference in my life. It is a good reminder of God’s faithfulness to me through him and my late mother.

I remember when a TDChristian representative visited my Grade 8 class in 1974. I was so convinced that TDChristian was the high school for me that I lobbied my parents to send me here instead of to the local public high school. After prayer and thought, they decided to do so. I like to think they relented, but to get the real story, talk to my dad. I do recall him saying that sending at least one of his children to TDChristian every year from 1974 to 1993 was worth every penny.

Here are some of the ways that decision impacted my life: It fed my passion for learning especially in English and mathematics. It gave me a place to develop as an athlete in multiple sports. It helped me figure out more about what being a Christian meant and how I might serve others. Through getting involved in drama (on and off stage), I discovered new things about myself and what I could do. I learned to serve and lead by being in students’ council. I met many friends, shared many experiences, and met a wonderful girl who accepted my request to marry her. (Happy addendum: our four children experienced and graduated from TDChristian, as well.) I had teachers who cared about me and how I learned; they inspired me to become a teacher. Before finishing my studies at the University of Waterloo, I was asked if I would apply to be a teacher at TDChristian. I did and I am, by the grace of God, still here.

So what’s the “nota bene” (important note)?

The decision parents and guardians of teenage children make as to where to send their children is an important one. We thank you for making the decision to send your child or children to TDChristian. We desire to impact their lives in rich and meaningful ways as they learn to serve God and others in the light of his word.

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