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Feel the Pulse of the school

It's our first Pulse show of the year!

The Pulse is our school's television show. We cover news and events in the school and have a lot of quirky and creative segments as well. The Pulse is shown at our school side assembly about once a month, and each show is at least 20 minutes long. We also post every show online. Approximately 20% of our students and staff end up appearing in a show at least once. The Pulse has really contributed to community building in our school, including keeping our students informed about things going on in the school, and celebrating our students and staff.

Best of all, the show is produced by our Grade 9 Comm Tech class. That's right, Grade 9s! Students very quickly have to learn about journalism, video shooting, editing, lighting, and more.

Showing the work in front of a live audience elevates the stakes, which makes the learning that much more authentic.

This is our fifth year of doing the Pulse. This means that so far we've produced around 41 shows. Wow! We hope you watch our show above, and stay tuned for many more episodes of The Pulse!

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