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Project 20/20

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Introducing Project 20/20
At TDChristian, we don’t believe in standing still. Since being built on its present site in 1965, the school has undergone five major expansions and additions. We are committed under God’s guidance and direction to building opportunities for our students. Project 20/20 will include a new presentation centre, new entrance, classroom spaces, shop enhancement, enlarged main office, improved safety, better curb appeal and more. As with all of our building projects since 1963, we know we don't do it alone, but through a faithful God and a generous community.
Introducing Project 20/20
History and the 20/20 Vision

In 2004, TDChristian began pursuing the acquisition of the fire hall from the city of Vaughan. In 2012, the sale was completed with the understanding that the school would agree to build a performance space after the fire fighters move to their new fire station in 2017.


Over the past four years, we have examined how to use physical space in the context of enfolding, engaging, and empowering students for service in the light of God’s word. Having analyzed the current and future needs of the school and with much thought and prayer, we have determined that the students, staff, and community will be best served by building a new addition on to the existing school building.


Working together, learning together, growing togetherour goal is to build and to utilize

the new addition by 2020.

History and Vision
Main Project Components

Main Project Components
Concept Images
Concept Images
"Presenting learning will be at the core of this intimate, state-of-the-art, and flexible space."
We invite you to invest in exceptional future learning at TDChristian. 
Concept image of new lobby space.
Four Ways You Can Help
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