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Parental Involvement and Support

Toronto District Christian High School expects parental involvement and support.


Not only has it been proved that students do better academically when parents are involved in their school, but informed and helpful parents are also much more likely to provide the support needed for today’s teenagers. Volunteer help also keeps tuition more affordable. Plus, you may have talents that could really serve our students!, and it's a great way to make connections with other parents.

Although students may help alongside their parent(s), only half of their hours will be allocated to the family and only if TDChristian High School requests additional help because not enough adults are available.


At TDChristian each family is expected to contribute a minimum of 25 hours of parental involvement or pay the volunteer assessment of $1000.

There are many ways to get involved at TDChristian. Please check out the "Volunteers Needed" section of the newsletter. When sufficient response is not received via this advertising or a request for help does not make the newsletter, our volunteer caller will contact families who have expressed an interest in helping in that area.

In addition, attendance at certain parent information nights and membership meetings will count as 2½ volunteer hours per family per meeting.

Parents should keep track of their own hours. TDChristian High School will only verify its records against yours if our records indicate less than 25 hours for the year.


  • The store is accepting donations and volunteers.  Contact: Paul Haffenden, for more info.  

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