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2021 Firehall Thrift opens for online sales only. The full retail experience is expected to begin soon.

2020 Project 2020 is completed. The building is now 20% larger than it was before. Highlights include a stunning front entrance foyer, a Learning Commons, Presentation Centre, a supersized multipurpose classroom, basement storage, and more.

2019 The main building phase of Project 2020 begins.

2018 The first stage of Project 2020 begins. The parking lot and entrance into the school are reworked for better safety and traffic flow. More solar panels are also added to the school roof. A time capsule is placed in locker 43 (To be opened in 2043, the 80th anniversary of the school).


2017 The fire hall is officially transferred over to TDChristian. A generous donor also donates an adjacent property on Kipling Avenue.

2016  Project 20/20 launches. This will be the school's sixth major building project. 2016's graduating class of 130 students is also the largest in our history.

2015  The school buys the adjacent Vaughan Fire hall property. The school will officially take possession in 2017.

TDChristian Celebrates 50 years


2014  The Commons goes through a small upgrade. A new black box theatre/classroom is completed on the North wall, and a new sound booth is built.

2012  The 2012-2013 school year marked the 50th anniversary of TDChristian High School, started so many years ago through the faith, hard work and determination of hundreds of supporters. God is good!

Project 2010 (2008-2010)

2010  A substantial solar panel array is installed on the school's roof.  TDChristian begins feeding energy back to the provincial power grid.

2009  In just seven months, TDChristian completes its latest building project, on time and on budget. The brand new Science and Media centre wing increases the building size by more than 20 percent, to approximately 75,000 square feet. Incorporating many green features and the latest innovations in education, the new wing features state of the art science, chemistry, and biology labs, plus dedicated Environmental Block and Physics learning spaces. The Art and Music rooms are both expanded, while many other parts of the building are renovated and improved.

TDChristian Celebrates 45 Years and Embraces the Future


2008  The stakeholders and supporters of TDChristian celebrate God's faithfulness to the school for the past 45 years. They are introduced and become a part of a campaign called Embracing the Future: Project 2010 which will fund a facility expansion to create more space for the arts and sciences.

TDChristian High School Goes International (2006-2007)

2007  Inspired by the school theme "the Gift of the Stranger", focus was placed on welcoming the stranger and becoming a stranger. A two-week Drama Tour to China was planned for July, the first-ever international co-op saw eight students complete co-op studies in Belize for three months, and sixteen students and four teachers spent their March Break in Nicaragua working with World Wide Christian Schools.


2006  A decision was made to explore partnering with Hamilton District Christian High School to offer a co-op program in Belize.Twelve students and three teachers spent their March Break in Nicaragua.


2005  Sixteen students and two teachers spent their March Break in Honduras.

Project 2000 (1999-2005)

2005  The mortgage was burned at the Fall Membership Meeting and the new parking lot was completed.

2004  A second piece of land was purchased and plans were made for expanding the parking lot.

2003  The gym was expanded and a fitness centre, health classroom, and balcony were added to the performance centre. Single lockers were replaced with double lockers and new computer stations were installed. A piece of vacant land adjacent to the school was purchased.

2002  The gym floor was replaced and the kitchen completed.

2001  The remaining section of pre-1980 construction was demolished, renewed, and expanded to provide a state-of-the-art performance centre, Internet cafe, communications technology department, and additional classroom space. The school is expected to reach its current capacity of 450 students by the fall of 2002.

2000  Most of the pre-1980 section of the building was gutted and redone, including the replacement of the roof, windows, insulation, and lighting and heating systems. Air conditioning was added.

1999  Plans were made to completely renovate and expand the facility to provide an enhanced learning environment for preparing teens for service in the 21st century.

1995  A decision was made to make technology seamless throughout the school.

Renewed Vision (1994)

1994  A change in the administrative leadership took place when Ren Siebenga became principal. That year, in November, all stakeholders in TDChristian came together to envisage a new future, to set new goals, and to renew the vision of the school. Students, parents, alumni, staff, board members, committee members, pastors, chapter representatives, elementary school board members and evangelical church members all participated.


Maturity (1986-1991)

1991  The school was filled to capacity with about 400 students.

1986  TDChristian celebrated its 25th anniversary with a grand series of events.


Steady Growth (1965-1986)

Preparing teenagers to serve in God's world became increasingly complex as society quickly changed. Additional facilities were built to meet the challenge.

1986  Building additions and changes facilitated the teaching of industrial arts, home economics, music, computer skills and typing; offices for guidance counselling were also built. The additions were finished in early 1987.

1974  A staff room, commons, art room, and library were added plus extra classrooms and washrooms.

1970  Four extra classrooms were built.

Beginnings (1960-1965)

The seeds of TDChristian were planted back in the 1950s. At that time several Christian elementary schools had already been established. That explains why many leaders in the Christian school movement extended their bold vision to the secondary level and beyond.


1965  The brand new school opened with eight classrooms and a gymnasium for educating 130 students from Grades 9 to 12.

1964  The "Holland Action" campaign raised $30,000, which was used to help buy a beautiful fifteen-acre site in the Woodbridge area. The "Trowel Action '64" campaign generated $115,000 of the $150,000 needed to construct a school building.

1963  Classes started for 49 Grade 9 and 10 students in the building of the Second Christian Reformed Church of Toronto. Yet this was not a church school; rather, it was a parent-controlled educational program that opened in a church building.

1960  The Toronto District Association for Christian Secondary Education was founded.

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