Play Day for Belize

Parents, what would you do with a day all to yourselves? On Saturday, December 10th, from 9:30-4, all kids aged 4 and up can be dropped off at TDChristian High School for a fantastic Play Day. Kids will enjoy plenty of games and sports in the gym, story time, and craft time! The day is supervised by adults AND grade 12 students, who are doing this as a fundraiser for their March Break Service Trip. So drop your kids off for a few hours or the whole day. Or, if you know someone with kids, give them a day to themselves as an early Christmas present, and support a good cause. The Play Day is only ten dollars per hour per family, and all the money helps the students travel to Belize to do const

Our Fall Newsletter is out!

The @TDChristian newsletter is published at least 3 times per year and is a great snapshot of who we are and what's new around our school. We'd love for you to read it! Past issues can be accessed here.

Alumna, Alumnus, Alumni. Do you know the difference?

They're out there. Walking among you. Maybe even the person sitting across the table from you right now! We're talking about the more than 4000 former students who've left TDChristian since 1963. Maybe it's been a while since you've visited our school or had any contact with us. Maybe you've always wondered what happened to old so-and-so. Maybe you recently graduated, and you don't even feel yet like you're alumni. Whatever the situation, we'd love to reconnect with you, because you are an important part of our story. If you have 37-64 seconds to spare (yes, we timed it), please go this link and fill out our alumni contact form. If you are in contact with other alumni, feel free to send them

Big Crowds at Open House

Last night we had over 120 guests join us for our Fall Open House. It was a fantastic evening, but sorry, we're not going to tell you everything that happened or why it was such a fun night. Instead, we invite you to come to our next open house night on Thursday, January 19, starting at 7 pm. If you know of a family who should be there, please go ahead and invite them for us! In the meantime, here's a story written by our Principal, William Groot, taken from the latest Fridge Door newsletter. We think it tells you a little bit more on what we're all about: Today is my father’s 82nd birthday. I share that with you because my dad has made a positive difference in my life. It is a good reminder

An Assembly To Remember

We have a lot of assemblies at TDChristian. Our Remembrance Day assemblies are always among the most meaningful. This year's assembly started with Grade 12 student (and air cadet) Greg Hoornweg leading devotions and prayer. Ordinary Seaman Kang Lee, from the Canadian Naval Reserve, who's just starting his military career, spoke to us about his training and more. We also watched some videos, teacher Alice Vanderkooy led us in prayer, we stood for the moment of silence, and sang O Canada accompanied by student Megan Bagg on violin. For many, the highlight of the assembly was the short speech given by teacher Richard Vanderkloet. Here is what he said: "We are standing . . . as a sign of resp

Feel the Pulse of the school

It's our first Pulse show of the year! The Pulse is our school's television show. We cover news and events in the school and have a lot of quirky and creative segments as well. The Pulse is shown at our school side assembly about once a month, and each show is at least 20 minutes long. We also post every show online. Approximately 20% of our students and staff end up appearing in a show at least once. The Pulse has really contributed to community building in our school, including keeping our students informed about things going on in the school, and celebrating our students and staff. Best of all, the show is produced by our Grade 9 Comm Tech class. That's right, Grade 9s! Students very qu

Dessert Evening Open House Nov. 17!

We'd love the opportunity to tell you more about our school and why we believe it's the high school you should choose to attend. All students in grades 5-8 and their families are welcome to our next open house night where you'll meet current students, talk with teachers, find out about our academics, sports, extra curriculars, arts classes, and unique programs, and tour the school. The night kicks off with a program at 7 pm. No RSVP is necessary, but we would appreciate it. RSVP to today!

Dinner Theatre Tickets Selling Fast!

Already, 120 tickets to The Pirates of Penzance Dinner Theatre show have been sold! There are still tickets available, but don't wait! To reserve your tickets, email today! For more info on the night, see our previous blog post. BE WARNED: DO NOT buy a ticket from any ticket seller with an eyepatch or a parrot on his or her shoulder. Those tickets have probably been PIRATED!

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