When is 8:59 the most exciting time?

The first people start lining up just after 8. Then more trickle in. And more. And more. By 8:55 am, the front lobby at TDChristian is full of excited crowds, all trying to will the doors open so they can get to the treasure beyond. And at 8:59, the chanting of "Let Us In" begins. If you've never been to a Rummage Sale at TDChristian, you need to join us on Saturday, October 22 from 9 - 1. There's so much to see, to buy, to eat! The whole neighbourhood seems to show up. The atmosphere is friendly, you never know what you might find, and best of all, the proceeds support the school. The whole family is welcome so make plans to get there early. Just be careful if you're standing at the front w

Creating FaceTime in our Homes & School

TEENAGE LIFESTYLES EVENING, Thursday, October 13, 2016, 7 pm @ TDChristian High School Our teenagers live in an increasingly complex world, navigating a myriad of choices in a time of rapidly changing technology and shifting views on gender and sexuality. How can we, in our families and school, assist them in discovering who they are (identity) and with whom and how they interact (relationships) so that they are equipped to make wise and healthy decisions? Robyn Godber (TDChristian's Personal Counsellor) and Vijay Krishnan (Lead Pastor at Upper Room Community Church, Vaughan), along with other TDChristian staff members, will share ways to create more and better "face time" with our teenagers

Ready to have a GR8 Day?

This year's Grade Eight Day is set for Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Over 130 grade eight students will enjoy a fantastic day of getting to know our school, making new friends, and having a blast. Lunch is provided and parents are also welcome. Read more on our Grade 8 Day page, but in the meantime, watch this short news report prepared by TDChristian Communications Technology students on the 2015 Grade Eight Day.

New website design, and Instagram!

Today we relaunched www.tdchristian.ca with a new look, expanded content, and a more friendly mobile viewing experience. We hope you like it. TDChristian is also now on Instagram. Find out what's happening in the life of the school by following @tdchristianhighschool.

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