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Marg Laswick

Office Administrator

Marg Laswick 2122.jpg

Phone: 905-851-1772 Ext. 200

In what year did you start at TDChristian? 1996.

Where did you grow up? Brampton.

What do you do in your spare time?  Walking, birding, photography.

If you weren't at TDChristian, what would you like to be doing? Writing children's books.

What famous person would you like to have dinner with?  Morgan Freeman- just so I can hear him speak. I love his voice.

Advice for high school students: Get involved in things, even things you don't think you're "good at". Make new friends, be brave, and take risks. 

Favourite or meaningful Bible passage: I really like the first part of Psalm 46:10. “Be still, and know that I am God.” It's an every day reminder of who is in charge of me and this entire world.

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