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Fire Hall Thrift & Fire Hall Experiential Learning Centre

In 2015, TDChristian High School bought 325 Woodbridge Avenue, a City Of Vaughan fire hall that was scheduled to be closed, right next door to our school. The firefighters left in 2017; renovations were completed to turn the building into a thrift store and experiential learning centre.


The thrift store is non-profit and staffed by volunteers; it will raise money for the school and for community initiatives. In addition, students will be able to gain hands-on learning experience in a number of areas such as retail operations and marketing.

We are excited about the learning opportunities and community connections that Fire Hall Thrift will afford.

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WE ARE OPEN: Shop, Donate, and Volunteer Now!

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If you can contribute, volunteer, or if you would like to find out more please contact

Paul Haffenden, Project Manager, by email at

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