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What is Edsby?

Edsby is our online student/teacher/parent information system and organizational tool. Edsby is where teachers regularly post notes, assignments, web links, resources, grade information, feedback, and more. Students and parents/guardians can access this information 24/7, including missing assignments, attendance records, sports team/club information, schedules, and more.

Edsby is also a fantastic medium for students, teachers, and parents to easily communicate with one another. 

Students are expected to regularly check their Edsby pages. Parents are encouraged to check Edsby as well. Current parents are given a password to connect to Edsby.

Academic Support

We are very proud of how we support our students at TDChristian. Most of this work is coordinated through our Resource department. Briefly, here are some of the ways we offer academic support to students:

  • Consultation with incoming students' previous school(s), testing, and interviews so we can determine how to best assist students who need accomodation or extra help. This results in individual action plans that are sent to each of the student's teachers.

  • Our Resource department works with many students one-on-one and in small groups.

  • EAs and Special Needs teachers on staff

  • Our free weekly after-school drop-in Homework Club (every Tuesday) is staffed by a number of teachers and is open to all students. This is a fantastic chance to get extra help in all subject areas.

  • Our teachers meet four times  a month (once a week by grade) to consult on any students who seem to be struggling socially or academically. We do this to look for patterns and to offer paths to success.

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