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Pastors' Appreciation Breakfast- Who can you invite?

Dear Pastors, Youth Leaders and Ministry Staff,


On February 28, the students at TDChristian are inviting all pastor(s), youth leader(s) and other ministry staff to breakfast! We appreciate the work you do and we'd love for you to be our guest! We see this as a unique opportunity for church leaders to meet together and support one another in our collective work as Christian organizations. 


The schedule is as follows:

8:30     Welcome, devotions and student presentations

9:00     Breakfast

9:15     Presentation: Enfold, Engage, Empower at TDChristian

9:30     Discussion: Faith formation

9:45     Optional school tour and class visits


You will notice from our schedule that not only will you learn more about who we are at TDChristian, but we also plan to have preliminary discussions on how we can better form the faith of our teenagers. Your input is valued as we consider ideas on how to deepen our students’ understanding of their role in God’s good Creation. Following the discussion is the optional school tour and class visits. Enjoy a look around the building, check out student work and observe their classroom activities. If there are students from your church attending TDChristian, we can happily find them for a quick hello.


If you know of para-church organizations or persons who often work directly with

churches like yours and might also be interested in coming, please let us know,

and feel free to extend the invitation.

We ask that you RSVP. To confirm your attendance or ask any questions, please

contact Patty Schuurman, VP Students, at


We look forward to seeing you here!

(P.S.- Can't make it Feb. 28? You are welcome to come by the school and check us

out at any time)


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