Frequently Asked Questions

Does TDChristian offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

Yes. Along with all of our teachers being certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, we are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. All of your courses count towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. On top of that, most of our students fulfill extra requirements in order to earn a second diploma - the TDChristian diploma.

Do you offer AP or IB courses?

No. While there is a perception that AP or IB programs help students get ahead, many students who start an AP or IB program do not finish the program due to time and program constraints. Our academic/university programs are highly competitive and our graduates go on to all kinds of universities and colleges in Ontario and beyond. Our alumni routinely inform us on how well prepared they were for their post secondary programs.

Do your students wear uniforms?

No. We realize that uniforms can be an easy solution to the stresses of high school fashion. However, we want our students to be aware of how they are perceived by the choices of what they wear, not only by others but by themselves as well. Our school does have a dress code and students must wear items that are modest and not offensive.

How many students attend your school?

Around 430. We believe that staying this size is a good balance between being big enough to offer many educational choices and being small enough to know each and every student who attends our school.

Do you have busing?

Yes. TDChristian's tuition rates include busing (at no additional charge). We have 14 buses that travel to various corners of the GTA. For an overview of our transportation network, go here.

How much is tuition?

Our tuition is very competitive for secondary private schools and cover everything that a student will need to attend TDChristian for the year (textbooks, class trips, busing, etc). Go directly to our Fees page here.

What kind of extra-curriculars do you offer?

Plenty. We currently have 17 sports teams that compete in the YRAA. We have a music program that offers choir, band, jazz band, and a praise team. We even have professional vocal and guitar lessons available during the day for students who are interested. We have a drama program that offers two main stage productions per year and an improv team. We have a robotics club that competes against other schools across the province, and many other clubs in a variety of interests. We have an after school club that offers academic support every Thursday after school.

What does it mean to be a "Christian school"?

As a Christian school we integrate our faith into our teaching. This happens in every course. Starting in one's grade 10 year, every student also takes one class per year that is dedicated solely to learning about the Christian faith, to studying world religions, and helping students to develop a strong Christian worldview. As well, all of our staff members are Christians, and they pray with and lead devotions with students regularly in classes, homeroom, and assemblies.​

What type of resource help is available to students?

TDChristian offers a resource program that offers academic support to students. We meet regularly as a staff to identify students who are struggling academically and/or socially. Our guidance department offers guidance for academic and post secondary planning. Once a week we have a certified counselor come and work with students for personal guidance.

Do you accept students only in September?

No. We have students join us throughout the year, but mainly in September for semester one and February for semester two.

Who is the best person to contact for more information?

We'd love to tell you more about our school, answer any specific questions, and have you come for a visit. Start by sending a quick email to Joel Dykxhoorn, VP of Admissions at Alternatively, you can call him at 905-851-1772, Ext. 202.