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Environmental Stewardship Courses

God calls us to be caretakers of the earth. This includes being aware of how the natural world works, how humans impact it (both positively and negatively), and how we can each do our part to better protect, sustain, and care for the world around us. 

While students explore creation care in many different subjects, TDChristian offers several courses that focus more deeply on environmental stewardship:

Environmental Block

E-Block is a grade 10, two credit class that focuses on care for the earth, learning about government, citizen responsibility and action, and more. Students investigate environmental issues, run the school's recycling program, work the community garden, clean up creeks, and more. Nearly half of the grade 10 class signs up for this popular block.

Visual Art Overview
Drama Overview
Green Industries

Green Industries is a senior level course that explores steps the world has taken towards sustainability, and how we can each make a difference in our own day to day lives. Students learn by getting their hands dirty in all kinds of hands-on projects, inside and outside of our school. You can see and read about their projects on their course website here:

Photography Overview
Music Overview
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