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Read a copy of TDChristian High School's bylaws here.

Board Structure and Councils

Toronto District Christian High School is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of elected members who have a passion for and interest in Christian education.

The Board of Trustees aims to make most decisions in a democratic or consensual manner. It avoids heavy-handedness. The leadership style is one of community-building which exercises shared power and trust by delegating authority to staff and community members. It deals with macro issues and does not engage in micromanagement.

While the Board of Trustees carries forward the best of the past and deals with current issues, its agenda is oriented towards the future. The Board of Trustees is intentional in its use of councils, appointing them and allowing them to exist only as long as they serve a purpose. Council effectiveness is reviewed annually. As the institution and its context change, there is a corresponding adjustment with regard to councils and their mandates.

The following councils and teams report to the Board of Trustees:

  • Executive Council

  • Leadership Team (Members of the Executive Council and the Staff Council)

  • Contract Council and Credentials Council

  • Finance Council

  • Membership Council

  • Transportation Council

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