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Arts Courses

TDChristian offers strong courses in Visual Art, Drama, Photography, and Music. Each of these classes is taught by a highly experienced, passionate teacher who educates as well as inspires his or her students.

Visual Art
Visual Art Overview

Students can take art classes all four years at TDChristian. Our light-filled, well-equipped, and colourful art room is inspiring all on its own. Students enjoy the variety of mediums they can work in. A highlight of the arts program is our annual Recycled Runway fashion show, where students showcase their own creations using only recycled or reused materials.

Drama Overview

The dramatic arts program at TDChristian High School is alive with the sounds of music, laughter, and terrific acting. Whether students are interested in developing their acting skills or supporting the cast in the areas of costumes, makeup, set design, sound, or lighting, the drama program has a place for them. There is one major drama production each year and often a totally student-run production as well.

Every Grade 9 student at TDChristian takes a half-credit in Drama to study improvisation; the skills learned, the confidence built, and the composure under pressure experienced serve students throughout their lives. Besides that, Grade 9 Drama is a lot of fun! After Grade 9, students have many other ways to be involved, including:

TDChristian's theatrical productions are shows you do not want to miss! Whether a much beloved musical like "The Sound of Music" a challenging broadway hit like "Into the Woods" or a timeless classic like "The Pirates of Penzance," our students shine both on stage and off. Mr. Hayward's orchestra is phenomenal, and our production values are beyond what you would expect from a mere high school play. Every second year we mount a non-musical. Audiences have raved over our poignant "Diary of Anne Frank," Canadian classic "Anne of Green Gables," and Shakespearean masterpiece "As You Like It." 

ShowPro is an auditioned class. Participants receive a full credit.


If you love writing and performing, or if you just want to develop your funny bone, SketchPro is the class for you. Sketch comedy has a long and glorious tradition that can be traced all the way back from Vaudeville houses at the turn of the 20th Century to Monty Python, SCTV and Saturday Night Live, through to some of the most successful comedy troupes today. Carrying on in that tradition, our SketchPro class creates sketches from scratch on their way to performing their own material for a live paying audience at the end of the semester.


Participants in the ShowPro class receive a full credit.

Canadian Improv Games Team

Now going into its seventh year, TDChristian's Canadian Improv Games team is making a splash on local stages and right across Canada. Two years ago we clinched the Toronto Regional Gold trophy, on our way to competing at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa where we placed 6th in the entire nation! Our team performs regularly in our Black Box theatre, and runs workshops in addition to performing for church youth and senior groups. Our season culminates in a 5-Day trip to Ottawa for the Nationals every year.

Our Canadian Improv Team is an auditioned class. Members receive a full credit.

adLIBB Improv Club
For those who love improv but are not on our Canadian Improv Games team, our adLIBB (Lunchtime Improv in the Black Box) group meets twice a week in the drama room. This is a great chance to hone your improv skills and have a great time in the process. Everyone is welcome if you're up for participating - even parents. We hope to see you there!

Photography Overview

When you look at some of their work, you won't believe they were taken by high school students! Students use the latest in technology, industry software, and proven techniques to create true works of art.

Music Overview

Students have many opportunities to explore music all four years at TDChristian. In addition to regular scheduled music courses, students can sign up for Concert Band, Concert Choir, and extra-curricular opportunities such as Praise Team and Jazz Band.


Concert Band

The Concert Band at TDChristian provides an opportunity for the motivated instrumentalist to explore concert band repertoire on a broader scale.


The emphasis in Concert Band is on technique, ensemble playing, and interpretation.


Concert Band practices take place twice every week before school and work toward performances. The Concert Band performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts, at local elementary schools, and at the Grandparents’ Day assembly.


Participants in Concert Band receive a half credit.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band at TDChristian is an opportunity for capable musicians to expand their musical experience and knowledge beyond the Concert Band through learning jazz, stage band music, and improvisation. The Jazz Band also allows students to pursue music further by being able to take musical risks in a safe and fun atmosphere.


Musicians in the Jazz Band get together regularly on Wednesdays after school to practise and to prepare for performances. The Jazz Band performs at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, on Grandparents' Day, at membership meetings and dessert evenings, on music tours to local elementary schools, and at fundraising dinners for Christian organizations.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir at TDChristian is based on the belief that we all have voices which can be trained to sing well. To join, students need no musical background, only a love for singing and a willingness to try. In the Concert Choir students learn the fundamentals of vocal and performance technique and acquire a sensitivity toward choral music.


Choir practices take place three times every week during school time and work toward performances. Concert Choir performs at the Christmas and Spring Concerts and on Grandparents’ Day.


Participants in Concert Choir receive a half credit.

Praise Team

Ascension, the praise team at TDChristian, is comprised of students who enjoy leading praise and worship either by singing or by playing an instrument. The team leads singing during some assemblies, on Grandparents’ Day, and at other school events.


Members of the praise team practise weekly after school.

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