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Anneke Gretton

VP of Learning, Teacher

OCT, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc.

Anneke G 2122 Preferred Pic.jpeg

SUBJECTS: Physics, Math

Phone: 905-851-1772 Ext. 203

In what year did you start teaching?  2013. 2021 at TDChristian.

What do you do in your spare time?  These days, I love exploring the forest with my kids, listening to podcasts on my commute, and playing guitar at my church. In bygone days when I had longer stretches of spare time, I loved oil painting while eating chocolate chips for creative inspiration.

Do you have any pets? No real pets, but we own an ever-growing collection of stuffies... Wilbur, Tim Bear, and Fox are some of our kids' favourites.

What's one thing on your bucket list? Learning to play Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique.

What would you be doing if you weren't a teacher? I honestly can't imagine a job I'd love more than teaching awesome students, supporting awesome teachers, and serving an awesome God. I think I hit the jackpot with the best career ever!

Favourite or meaningful Bible passage? When I was in high school, I taped 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 to my ceiling above my bed, but I re-wrote it with blanks: "___ is patient, ___ is kind" etc. Then when I woke up in the morning, I would try to put my name in the blanks and see how it felt - Was I really being patient? Was I being kind? It's a challenging and convicting process that I still find helpful to do (and it was also a great excuse to stay in bed for "just a few more minutes" after my alarm went off).

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